Recent Board Actions

These are the recent Board Actions taken by the WV Board of Medicine. Click on a name to view their Licensee Search record. Click here to view the public discipline spreadsheet.

Picardi, Edward Joseph Silvio, MD
1/13/2021 - Public Reprimand

Valencia, Manuel Salumbides, MD
1/6/2021 - Voluntary Surrender of License

Young, Kyle Wilson, MD
12/14/2020 - Administrative Fine/Monetary Penalty

Steinberg, Brenna Leigh, DPM
12/2/2020 - Probation of License

Yanes, Yenisey , DPM
12/2/2020 - Probation of License

Lombardi, Vincent Anthony, MD
12/2/2020 - Public Reprimand

Lu, Kang , MD
11/13/2020 - Suspension of License

Matulis, Steven Robert, MD
9/16/2020 - Voluntary Surrender of License

Kabbara, Zouhair Mohamad Wadih, MD
9/16/2020 - Summary/Emergency Suspension of License

Akins, James Alan, MD
9/4/2020 - Probation of License

Adams, Frederick David, MD
9/4/2020 - Suspension of License

Fine, Arthur Philip, MD
9/4/2020 - Public Reprimand

DeJosef, Teresita P., MD
9/4/2020 - Voluntary Surrender of License

Nasher-Alneam, Muhammed Samer, MD
8/10/2020 - Voluntary Surrender of License