WV Medical Professionals Health Program


The West Virginia Board of Medicine has designated the West Virginia Medical Professionals Health Program, Inc. (WVMPHP), as the physician’s health program for its licensees.

WVMPHP is a physician directed, non-profit 501(c)3 corporation founded by organized medicine in West Virginia to reach out to troubled colleagues. The WVMPHP is a confidential resource, to the maximum extent provided by law, for any physician, podiatrist and physician assistant, including those in training.

The WVMPHP helps identify, refer for evaluation and/or treatment, monitor the recovery and endorse the well-being of healthcare practitioners who have a mental or addictive illness, which could potentially impair their ability to practice with reasonable skill and safety.  Some examples of these conditions are substance abuse or dependence (including alcohol), depressive disorder, bipolar mood disorder and anxiety disorders. The WVMPHP is dedicated to helping practitioners heal.

Confidential participation in the WVMPHP is assured in instances when the licensee voluntarily self-reports and remains in compliance with the program's requirements. The WVMPHP was formally established in 2007 and experienced a 1000% growth in participants during the first five years.

The WVMPHP continues to actively make medical professionals and the health service industry statewide aware of its services and to provide education regarding the issues of substance use, misuse, and mental health disorders, potential impairment and the safety-sensitive professional, barriers/stigma, and practitioner well-being.

The WVMPHP's website address is http://www.wvmphp.org.

The Mount Clare Office of WVMPHP, Inc., is located at 4013 Buckhannon Pike, Mount Clare, WV 26408, telephone 304.933.1030, fax 304.933.1006. Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

P. Bradley Hall, MD, executive medical director, may be reached at bhallmd@wvmphp.org.

Matthew Moore, case manager, may be reached at mmoore@wvmphp.org.