WV Medical Professionals Health Program


West Virginia Medical Professionals Health Program, Inc., provides monitoring services to licensees (M.D.'s, D.P.M.'s, and P.A.-C.'s) with dependency, addiction, and mental health disorders while they pursue treatment and recovery for the same. Confidential participation in this physician health program is assured in instances where the licensee voluntarily self reports and remains in compliance with the program's requirements. This program was formally established five years ago, and WVMPHP, Inc., with a 1000% growth in participants during this period, the WVMPHP continues to actively make medical professionals and the health service industry statewide aware of its services and to provide education regarding the issues of substance abuse and dependency.

The WVMPHP's website address is http://www.wvmphp.org.

The Mount Clare Office of WVMPHP, Inc., is located at 4013 Buckhannon Pike, Mount Clare, WV 26408, telephone 304.933.1030, fax 304.933.1006. Office Hours: 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday - Friday.

P. Bradley Hall, M.D., Executive Medical Director, may be reached at bhallmd@wvmphp.org.

Linda Allman, Senior Case Manager, may be reached at lallman@wvmphp.org.