Licensee Change of Contact Information

All licensees must provide the Board with timely notice of all changes of address, including changes in e-mail addresses. If your e-mail address is not current, you will not receive your license renewal information or any other important Board communications. These changes may now be submitted using the appropriate log-in below.

If only updating e-mail address information, medical doctors and podiatrists may e-mail the update to . Physician Assistants may e-mail updates to .

In addition, medical doctors and podiatrists cannot make changes to a drug dispensing location with the log in below. In order to make changes to a drug dispensing location you must submit the appropriate application to the Board. 

To submit a change of contact information, click on the appropriate link below.  Once you log in, your current contact information will appear.  Please make any needed changes or updates and complete all applicable fields. Typically, your updated information will be reviewed within one business day of receipt and you will be advised via e-mail when the change becomes effective.  If submitted changes are incomplete or unclear, you will be contacted for clarification.

To access your Contact Information please click on one of the following links below to log in:

Medical Doctors Click Here

Podiatrists Click Here

Physician Assistants Click Here