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To protect the public and our employees, effective March 18, 2020 and until further notice, the West Virginia Board of Medicine Office will be closed to the public. Board staff are available to assist you via telephone at (304) 558-2921.

2020 Renewal
The 2020 renewal period concluded at 4:30 pm EDT on September 30, 2020

  Contact Information

The Board’s primary means of communicating news and general information to licensees is via e-mail. Announcements, renewal information, timely notices and the newsletter are examples of such communication.  It is very important that you keep the Board apprised of your current contact information, including your e-mail address.  To provide a current e-mail address and contact information, use the Change of Address page.

Patient Injury Compensation Fund

For Medical License Applicants who must pay the Patient Injury Compensation Fund assessment fee, please use the Patient Injury Compensation Fund Assessment Fee portal:

Pay Assessment Fee

West Virginia Board of Medicine COVID-19 Special Edition Newsletter

Out of State MDs and PAs and Retired WV MDs and PAs Can Register to Practice in WV During State of Emergency

COVID-19 Emergency Registrations

Criminal History Record Check Requirement

Upcoming Board Meetings

All Board Meetings Begin at 9:00 AM

**Due to the ongoing COVID-19 Pandemic, the Board’s office remains closed to the public and its public meetings scheduled in September 2020 will primarily be held via virtual platform. Only the Complaint Committee will convene an in-person meeting in September 2020. The Board provides public access to its virtual meetings. If any member of the public wishes to attend a virtual meeting, please contact the Board’s Executive Director, Mark Spangler, at for instructions on how to join the meeting.


November 9, 2020

Search the West Virginia Board of Medicine database for information regarding the following:
  • Medical Corporations and PLLCs
  • Allopathic physicians (MDs)
  • Podiatric Physicians (DPMs)
  • Physician Assistants (PA-Cs) who are collaborating with MDs or DPMs

For information on Osteopathic Physicians (DOs) and Physician Assistants (PA-Cs) who are collaborating with Osteopathic Physicians, please visit the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine website.

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