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2024 Renewal

Renewal is currently underway for medical doctors whose last names begin with the letters A through L, controlled substance dispensing practitioners (medical doctors whose last names begin with the letters A through L), education permit participants and professional limited liability companies. Licenses, permits and registrations which are not successfully renewed prior to 4:30 pm EDT on Friday, June 28, 2024 will automatically expire.

Medical Doctor License Renewal                                    

Controlled Substance Dispensing Registration Renewal

Educational Permit Renewal                                           

Professional Limited Liability Company Renewal            

  Contact Information

The Board’s primary means of communicating news and general information to licensees is via e-mail. Announcements, renewal information, timely notices and the newsletter are examples of such communication.  It is very important that you keep the Board apprised of your current contact information, including your e-mail address.  To provide a current e-mail address and contact information, use the Change of Address page.


Criminal History Record Check Requirement

Legislative Changes Affect Opioid Prescibing

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All Board Meetings Begin at 9:00 AM

Committee Meetings Begin at posted times.

All meetings are held at the Board office unless otherwise specified. Meeting agendas are available five business days in advance of meetings, although subsequent amendments may occur as permitted by law. For a copy of an upcoming meeting agenda, please contact the Board's Executive Administrative Assistant, Jamie Frame, at



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For information on Osteopathic Physicians (DOs) and Physician Assistants (PA-Cs) who are collaborating with Osteopathic Physicians, please visit the West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine website.