Legislative & Procedural Rules

Series 1A Licensing and Disciplinary Procedures: Physicians; Podiatric Physicians and Surgeons 7/12/2021
Series 1B Licensure, Practice Requirements, Disciplinary and Complaint Procedures, Continuing Education, Physician Assistants (Emergency Rule) 8/10/2021

Series 2 Restricted License issued in Extraordinary Circumstances 6/1/2009 

Series 3 Board & Meeting Complaint & Contested Case Hearings (Procedural Rule) 3/26/2020

Series 4 Fees for Services Rendered 5/1/2010 

Series 5 Dispensing of Prescription Drugs by Practitioners 7/12/2021 

Series 6 Continuing Education for Physicians and Podiatric Physicians 7/12/2021

Series 7 Formation and Approval of Professional Limited Liability Companies 7/12/2021 

Series 8 Collaborative Pharmacy Practice 7/1/2008 

Series 9 Certification Disciplinary & Complaint Continuing Education Radiologist Assistants 7/1/2008 

Series 10 Accessing the WV Controlled Substances Monitoring Program 5/6/2013 

Series 11 Establishment and Regulation of Limited License to Practice Medicine and Surgery at Certain State Veterans Nursing Home Facilities 8/11/2016

Series 12 Permitting and Disciplinary Procedures: Educational Permits for Graduate Medical Interns, Residents and Fellows 7/12/2021

Series 13 Waiver of Initial Licensing Fees for Certain Initial Licensure Applicants 8/02/2020

Series 14 Registration to Practice During Declared State of Emergency 06/01/2021

Series 15 Telehealth and Interstate Telehealth Registration for Physicians, Podiatric Physicians and Physician Assistants (Emergency Rule) 8/10/2021