Criminal History Record Check Requirement

Pursuant to W. Va. Code R. §11-1A-8 et seq. and W. Va. Code R. §11-1B-3.4.-3.18., applicants seeking initial licensure (not renewal or reinstatement) by the West Virginia Board of Medicine are required to request and submit to the Board the results of a fingerprint-based state and national/federal criminal history record check.  Please be aware that criminal history record checks may take several weeks to process, and cannot be expedited for any reason. Applicants should not request and submit to the Board the results of a criminal history record check until after they have completed a licensure application and paid the appropriate licensing fee. 

Prior to being fingerprinted, you must review the following documents:

Agency Privacy Requirements for Noncriminal Justice Applicants

Applicant’s Privacy Act Statement

How to Challenge and How to Obtain your FBI Identity History Summary

West Virginia State Police Challenge of Criminal History Record

Click on the appropriate link below for instructions on how to request and submit to the Board the results of a state and national criminal history record check.

Instructions for Applicants Being Fingerprinted Within the State of West Virginia

Instructions for Applicants who are Being Fingerprinted Outside of West Virginia


Please contact the Board if you have questions regarding the criminal history record check process.


MD Applicants With Last Name A - L

Angela Scholl - Licensure Analyst         (304) 558-2921, Extension 49872


MD Applicants With Last Name M - Z, All DPM Applicants

Carmella Walker - Licensure Analyst      (304) 558-2921, Extension 49871


Physician Assistant Applicants

PA Licensure Analyst

(304) 558-2921, Extension 49873


The West Virginia Board of Medicine will maintain the results of an applicant’s criminal history record check for one year from the date that the applicant was fingerprinted or until final action is taken upon the application, whichever is sooner.

In accordance with federal law, the results of a national criminal history record check can only be discussed face-to-face with the applicant at the Board’s office in Charleston, West Virginia. Under no circumstance will the results be disclosed or discussed via electronic mail, facsimile or telephonically. To schedule an appointment please contact Sheree J. Thompson, Supervisor of Licensing, Certifications and Renewals, at (304) 558-2921 ext. 70011 or