Criminal History Record Check Requirement


West Virginia law requires all candidates applying to the Board for licensure to submit the results of a state and national criminal history record check.  The background check must be specifically obtained for this purpose.  The Board only accepts background checks which are obtained through the following process, and which were generated specifically for the West Virginia Board of Medicine. 

IdentoGo by Idemia is the organization authorized by the West Virginia State Police to provide criminal record history check services for applicants to the Board.   IdentoGo charges a fee of $47.25 for its services, and an additional charge of $39.95 to applicants who are fingerprinted at an enrollment center outside of West Virginia. 

IdentoGo strongly encourages applicants to visit an enrollment center near you for fingerprint collection.  If you are unable to visit an IdentoGo center, you may submit a hard-card to IdentoGo for processing.  Due to quality issues, hard-card prints are more likely to be rejected, and can delay the background check process.  

In either case, preregistration with IdentoGo is required.  The 6-digit service code to ensure your results are provided to this Board is 228Q9Z. If you provide the wrong code to IdentoGo, the Board will not receive your results, and you will have to obtain a new background check, including being re-fingerprinted, at your cost.


Prior to being fingerprinted, please review the following documents:

Agency Privacy Requirements for Noncriminal Justice Applicants

Applicant’s Privacy Act Statement

How to Challenge and How to Obtain your FBI Identity History Summary

West Virginia State Police Challenge of Criminal History Record


  1. Enroll online to schedule a fingerprinting appointment.  If you access IdentoGo through the home page or a google search instead of the link provided,  please remember to input the correct service code for the West Virginia Board of Medicine: 228Q9Z
  2. Follow all instructions on the IdentoGo website regarding:
    1. Scheduling and managing your appointment
    2. Locating an enrollment center
    3. What documents you will need to bring with you to enrollment
    4. What steps to take if you elect to submit a hard-card instead of visiting an enrollment center to have your fingerprints collected.


For applicants utilizing hard-card fingerprinting:

  1. Enroll online to submit hard-cards. If you access IdentoGo through the home page or a google search instead of the link provided,  please remember to input the correct service code for the West Virginia Board of Medicine: 228Q9Z
  2. Select Submit a Fingerprint Card By Mail and complete all required fields.
  3. Make the appropriate payment online.
  4. Print your pre-enrollment confirmation page.  You will need to complete the form and send it with your hard-cards to IdentoGo.
  5. Two sets of fingerprint cards must be captured by a law enforcement agency or other entity that provides fingerprinting services. Fingerprint cards are available at your local law enforcement agency or from the Board upon request.
  6. Submit your completed pre-enrollment confirmation page and your fingerprint cards to:

340 Seven Springs Way, Suite 220
Brentwood, TN 37072

Any questions regarding the fingerprinting process should be directed to IdentoGo.


The West Virginia Board of Medicine will maintain the results of an applicant’s criminal history record check for one year from the date that the applicant was fingerprinted or until final action is taken upon the application, whichever is sooner.


In accordance with federal law, the results of a national criminal history record check can only be discussed face-to-face with the applicant.  Under no circumstance will the results be disclosed or discussed via electronic mail, facsimile or telephonically. To schedule an appointment please contact Sheree J. Thompson, Supervisor of Licensing, Certifications and Renewals, at (304) 558-2921 ext. 49870 or