Medical Doctor License Renewal

2017 Renewal Advisory

Online Renewal is Now Available Below for Renewing Physicians (M - Z)     

Drug Dispensing renewal will not be available on-line.  Paper applications are available for download as follows:

Drug Dispensing Registration Renewal (Physicians M-Z and Podiatrists)  


Additionally, paper renewal applications have been mailed to all PLLCs.

Physicians with last names beginning with the letters M through Z and all Podiatric Physicians take note: your West Virginia medical license or podiatric license will expire on July 1, 2017 unless you renew your license by 4:30pm EDST on Friday, June 30, 2017. Due to legislative enactments, there are some changes to the information you must provide in association with your renewal application.  Successful renewal of your West Virginia license will require you to be prepared to meet the new renewal requirements.  The renewal fee remains at $400 for the 7/1/2017 to 6/30/2019 renewal period.

The following summary will assist you in preparing to renew your active or inactive license. Please familiarize yourself with the new information and documentation you will need to have available to complete the renewal process. More detailed information is available on the website at under Renewal and Board Rules.

New Requirement for All Physician Renewal Applicants - PICF

All active physician renewal applicants must pay the Patient Injury Compensation Fund’s $125 assessment fee prior to being granted access to the online renewal application. This is a result of new legislation passed in 2016. If you renewed in the inactive license status in July 2015 you will not have to pay the assessment fee at this time, but will be required to pay the fee if you wish to have your license status changed to active prior to July 1, 2020. Payment is made when accessing the renewal application or through a separate portal on the Board’s website home page with the funds being deposited directly to BRIM.  The WVBOM is charged with the processing of the fee since it must be paid in order to be eligible for licensure renewal. Once the fee is paid you will have access to the renewal application.  If you qualify for one of the five limited exemptions listed on the payment portal, please contact the Board office to confirm your exempt status and have it recorded. This fee may be paid after January 3, 2017, using the PICF portal on the website homepage. If you were initially licensed after July 1, 2016, you have paid the fee for this renewal cycle.

New Requirement for All Renewal Applicants - WVCSMP

A renewal applicant who has prescribed or dispensed Schedule II, III or IV controlled substances pursuant to a West Virginia medical license may not renew his or her West Virginia medical license without verification that he or she has obtained and maintained access to the West Virginia Controlled Substance Monitoring Program (WVCSMP) database.  As part of your on-line renewal application, you will be required to enter the complete date, mm/dd/yyyy, that you originally registered to have access to the WVCSMP. The date of original registration listed on your Confirmation of Access to West Virginia Controlled Substance Monitoring ProgramCSAPP certificate is the date to be entered on your renewal application. If you are a licensee required to register with the WVCSMP, please obtain this certificate so you may enter the correct date in your application before you access your renewal application. Verification certificates can be obtained at . To view guidelines provided by the WV Board of Pharmacy to assist you in registering with the WV CSMP and accessing your verification certificate please click here

Reminder to All Applicants Regarding Process for Providing Digital Documents

In advance of renewal, please review the list of professional practice, character and fitness questions (click here).  Any “yes” responses will require an explanation to be typed in the related text box, which you will be required to answer. “Yes” responses may also require either the uploading of supporting documents or an attestation that you will request documents to be sent from third parties to be submitted to the Board office in support of your application.  Your application will not be complete if the required supplemental information or documentation is not provided. Have responses prepared and documentation saved as a pdf file(s) for easy uploading when you renew.

Applications with uploads attached and/or “yes” responses will be pending further review.  If your website profile under Licensee search has not updated to the new renewal expiration date of 6/30/2019 within five business days of submission, and if you have not received an explanation e-mail from Board staff, please follow-up with the Board office. Once your license shows the 2019 expiration date you will be able to print your wallet card from the website home page. Wallet cards are no longer being mailed. Due to the new requirements you are encouraged to renew your license as soon as you are eligible and prior to June 24th to allow ample processing time.

Reminder to All Applicants Regarding CME Attestation

The CME requirements have not changed since 2015. All renewal applicants must attest to the successful completion of all CME requirements.  Please make sure you are familiar with your CME obligations.  While the CME cycle is from July 1, 2015, to June 30, 2017 you must have completed all CME requirements as of the date you execute the attestation on your renewal application.    Please note the 3 hours of drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances through a course which has been approved by the WVBOM is a recurring obligation.  Your prior completion of a course in satisfaction of this requirement prior to July 1, 2015 does not satisfy your obligation for this renewal cycle!

You can meet the CME requirements of completing 50 hours of AMA PRA category 1 or its equivalent by completing:

  1. 50 hours of AMA PRA category 1 (with 30 of those hours pertaining to your practice specialty) – may receive up to 20 hours of credit for teaching medical students towards the 50 hours; or

  2. 1 full year of ACGME postgraduate training completed between the dates above; or

  3. Sit for and pass a certification or recertification examination of one of the ABMS members boards and receive certification or recertification from said board; or

  4. Current ABMS Board certification and successful involvement in maintenance of certification (MOC) requirements.


    3 hours of drug diversion training and best practice prescribing of controlled substances through a course which has been approved by the WVBOM (click here) and completed July 1, 2015 or later and prior to submitting your on-line renewal application. This requirement may be waived on the application only if you may truthfully attest that you have not prescribed, administered or dispensed any controlled substances WHATSOEVER (in any jurisdiction) during the current CME renewal cycle 7/1/15 to 6/30/17.

If you wish to submit a paper application, please contact the Board at (304) 558-2921.

Prior to completing the CME portion of the renewal application, please click here  to see a list of all Board-approved three hour Best Practicing of Controlled Substances and Drug Diversion CME courses.  If the course you have completed is not on this list, you have not completed a Board-approved course as required by law.

            Please review our FAQs for additional information.

Medical Doctor's Online Renewal Application