Med Corp Out of State Instructions


State of West Virginia
West Virginia Board of Medicine
101 Dee Drive, Suite 103
Charleston, WV 25311

Telephone 304.558.2921
Fax 304.558.2084

Medical Corporation Instructions and

Application Form to Obtain a Certificate of Authorization for an Out-of-State

Medical Corporation in the State of West Virginia

Applicants seeking a Certificate of Authorization for a Medical Corporation through the Board of Medicine shall provide the following:

1. A completed and signed application form.
2. Fee of $500.00 – The Board accepts credit cards, business checks, personal checks, money orders, and/or cashier’s check payable to West Virginia Board of Medicine (No portion of this fee is refundable);

3. Proof the medical corporation has received a certificate of authorization or similar authorization from the appropriate authorities as a medical corporation or professional corporation in its state of incorporation and is in good standing.

4. Proof of one shareholder who holds an active West Virginia medical license and to be designated as the corporate representative for all communications with the board regarding the designation and continuing authorization of the corporation as a foreign medical corporation.

5. A complete listing of all of the medical corporation’s shareholders including their names, state(s) of licensure and license number(s).

6. A copy of proposed Articles of Incorporation to be filed with Secretary of State


• The proposed name of your Medical Corporation shall contain the words “Corporation” (“Corp.”) “Incorporated” (“Inc.”), “Company” (Co.”), or “Limited” (“Ltd.”). West Virginia does not permit the authorization of “Professional Corporations” or “P.C.s.”

• Upon receipt, processing and approval of the required items, the Board will issue a “Letter of Authorization” to the West Virginia Secretary of State. When you receive a copy of this letter, you may proceed with filing your Articles of Incorporation with the Secretary of State.


• A numbered “Certificate of Authorization” will be issued after you submit to the Board a copy of the “Certificate of Incorporation” issued to you by the West Virginia Secretary of State.


A copy of Chapter 30, Article 3, Section 15 of the Code, which governs the formation and approval of a Medical Corporation, is available on our website.