Filing Complaints

The Board's Responsibility

The Board of Medicine is the agency responsible for the discipline of medical doctors (M.D.’s), podiatrists (D.P.M.’s), and physician assistants (P.A.’s) for M.D.'s. The Board may only investigate matters related to a specific licensed medical doctor (M.D.), podiatrist (D.P.M.), and/or physician assistant (P.A.). The Board of Medicine is not permitted, by law, to investigate clinics, hospitals, or health centers.

Process of Filing a Complaint

To file a complaint against a medical doctor, podiatrist, or M.D.'s physician assistant, call or write the Board Offices to request a COMPLAINT QUESTIONNAIRE, or follow the links below. Please direct your inquiries to the Board’s Complaint Coordinator.  The following procedure outlines the complaint process of the Board of Medicine:

  1. Procedure for Dispostion of complaints click here (122kb PDF) to view procedure file
  2. How to initiate a complaint against a Physician
    1. Give the complaint coordinator your name and address. The complaint coordinator will send you a complaint questionnaire. When filling it out, give the physician's full name (first and last) on the form. Sign it and date it and be specific in explaining what your complaint is against the physician.

      You may obtain a copy of the complaint questionnaire online or you can contact the Board and request one via mail.

    2. Download the Complaint Form (58kb PDF) and mail in to the Board for Medical Doctor, Podiatrist, or a Physician Assistant

    3. To file a complaint against a Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, or a Doctor of Osteopathy click on the links below.

      Registered Nurse (R.N.)
      Licensed Practical Nurse (L.P.N.)
      Doctor of Osteopathy (D.O.)